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Never Underestimate The Influence Of Luxury Designer Fashion

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Ask any woman for her favorite fashion designer and the list will be endless and detailed with current trends and favorite pieces…. Why does this happen? Women love good clothes and that’s a fact, but we cannot afford these luxury fashion brands that we know so well. Does that mean must suppress your longings and just gawk at high-end fashion clothing being showcased on TV and magazines?

No, ladies, we do not!  With consignment stores, it has now become easy to buy almost any brand of luxury designer fashion. All you must do is find two to three different retailers that specialize in gently used haute couture fashions and you are good to go.


How does this work?

It is very simple. Some women can afford high-end designer fashion and they wear high-end labels to work and to social events as well. However, we know that you really cannot wear the same dress repeatedly. For this reason, most women recycle their wardrobes by giving away items to friends and family. However, you cannot do this with high-end brands like Prada and Chanel, as they are too expensive to give away.

In such cases, it’s a far better idea for women to sell their gently used designer items to specialty stores. With the money they get, they can then invest in more high fashion items and the cycle goes on. For women who live in a budget like you and me, this is a godsend. We can visit these stores and literally find current items being sold at 20% to about 50% discounts. You can check the existing inventory and find items you want and purchase them immediately.

What are the benefits of luxury consignment sellers?

There are many benefits to selling your used luxury designer fashion. As they have already used the items, they have got all they can from these designer togs. Now, when they sell, they get at least 20% of the sale value of the item. With this money, they can buy more items and restock their wardrobes with the current fashions.

For you and me, this is great as well as we get the latest items from current seasons on sale. If you have a list of items, you can also give this to the store owner and they will find a store or seller who has the item for sale. As a result, you can search for Chanel bags, Birkin’s, Hermes scarves and literally anything. Once you have bought the item and used it, you too have the option of reselling the gently used item to the same store or to another consignment store.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, but we recommend you make a list of the items you want.  It’s very easy to get carried away in a store filled with beautiful luxury items that have been marked down more than 50%. For sellers, there is a single drawback in the form of delayed payments. The store will pay you only when your item is sold. Other than that, you can have a lot of fun at consignment stores.

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