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Savvy Tips for a Reluctant Spender

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If you are on a budget, you don’t have to compromise your personal flair for fashion. During economic downturns, accessories quite often become big sellers. The fashion conscious will always be on the lookout for inexpensive ways to make their wardrobe stay fresh, without adding new pieces. There are several easy and inexpensive ways to do this.



Scarves are not just for winter anymore and are a great way to bring life to any wardrobe. Adding colour to an outfit often makes a powerful statement. You can keep your basic wardrobe pieces in neutral colours to mix and match while you make them pop with colourful scarves. Scour how-to videos on the internet for dozens of fun ways to wear scarves. Pair your scarf with a slider or pendant for a more elegant and finished look.


Pins are another, often understated, way to create a unique look in your wardrobe. Put colour and style into an outfit by using pins on your scarves, or as a top button to a low-cut blouse. Make a statement about your hobbies or affiliations with pins by customizing them They are often much cheaper than buying a new piece of jewellery.


Use costume jewellery to totally change the look of an outfit. Go straight from the office to a party to a night out, simply by adorning yourself with a colourful chunky necklace. Another great look is to weave a skinny scarf together with a long string of beads to use as a necklace or a belt. Often a simple, short necklace can add just the right amount of sparkle to a more casual outfit as well.


Camisole tops are available in a myriad of colours, and you can use these inexpensive undergarments to add spice to any outfit. Pair an orange or pink camisole under a beige jacket and you will sparkle. Or open a few buttons of your shirt by layering it with a colourful camisole top.


Anytime you feel you have had enough of your wardrobe, take the time to clear out your closet. Reorganize your pieces by colour and style. Toss outworn or outdated items. But also think of how you might re-purpose other pieces. Pair a short dress with jeans or leggings, pull up a long skirt to wear as a dress with some belt and tights. Give an open jacket a button down looks with a variety of cute pins, or use boots and belts to add even more versatility to your wardrobe.

Being fashion forward is not always about spending a ton of money. Be fashionable and frugal by utilizing accessories with your wardrobe.

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