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The Most Popular Men’s Shaving Styles

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What a man does with the hair on his face makes a strong statement. From scruffy to grooming, there are many styles that you’ll see on fashionable males today. To achieve the perfect goatee, circle beard, or clean face, it’s necessary to apply the proper shaving techniques and invest in some basic maintenance supplies. Next time you head down to the barber shop, you might want to consider the following popular styles.


Neat and Trim Moustache

The mustache has made a major comeback over the past few years, and today’s mustaches can fall over the map of business. However, the most popular mustache style is one that is neat, trim, and tidy. To avoid an overly retro look, a mustache should be cut straight across and cover only the top lip. It may be shaved or trimmed on the sides as needed to compliment the facial structure.

Short Circle Beard

The beard is another perennial facial hairstyle that is growing in popularity, particularly in urban areas. One way to experiment with this trend without going too crazy is to shave hair into a short circle beard. This requires a variety of trimming and shaving to maintain, so you’ll need to either make regular visits to the barber or purchase shaping tools like an electric trimmer. The short circle beard can be beneficial for those who want to make a soft jaw look more rugged and masculine, and it can also hide problem skin.

Clean Shave

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned clean shave, which is both professional and pleasing to the eye. For a successful clean shave, you’ll need an extremely sharp safety razor and a high-quality shaving cream or foam. A shaving brush is a nice touch, as it can help you get a good lather going. In a wet shaving course, barbers are taught how to master the clean shave, angling the blade away from the face and shaving with the grain of the hair. Rather than applying too much pressure, you’ll want to apply gentle strokes and reduce the beard bit by bit.


Along with the haircut, sideburns can go a long way towards creating angles in the face or balance facial features. Sideburn lengths vary according to what’s fashionable at the time. Now, a conservative sideburn length at the ear’s midpoint is preferred by most. These can be easily kept up at home with a straight razor or electric trimmer.

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