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Halloween Costumes for a Couple

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When a couple is spending their first Halloween together and has been invited to a party, they might not know what they should wear. Although they could choose different costumes than each other, a couple will want to find a similar adult Halloween costume. So, what options are there?


Halloween is the perfect time of the year to wear a zombie costume. Many fancy dress retailers have a huge range of readymade zombie costumes which a couple could wear. Some even have a gruesome costume which shows an exposed chest. A zombie adult Halloween costume can also be made at home. By pouring tubes of fake blood onto a torn white t-shirt, a pair of black trousers can accompany it. If a couple is spending time with friends who will also be dressed as zombies, they can blend in.



A Halloween costume doesn’t have to be covered in blood. This is because a costume which enables both a man and a woman to dress smartly can be purchased. Gangsters from the 1920’s have appeared in movies and television shows and it is the perfect costume idea for a couple. A man could dress in a smart suit and carry a plastic Tommy gun whereas a woman can wear a costume which socialites at the time wore. Fashion from this decade is still very popular and a couple will look amazing when they choose this costume.


In an episode of the TV series The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Penny, and Zack all went to a Halloween party dressed as various superheroes. The couple in this episode was Zack and Penny. A couple could follow their example by wearing a different superhero costume. In this particular episode, Penny was Wonder Woman and Zack was Superman. There are other superhero costumes which a couple can wear, such as Batman, Green Lantern and Aqua man whereas a woman could be a Super girl, Cat Woman or Batgirl.

Ghost Face

If a couple is fans of the Scream movies, of which four have been released so far, they could both dress as Ghost Face who is the serial killer in this franchise. A Ghost Face costume is available in a considerable number of sizes. Consequently, a tall man and a short woman or vice versa can go to a Halloween party dressed as this movie character. Many fancy dress retailers typically have multiple choices for a Ghost Face mask. As well as a mournful expression, a smiling mask can also be picked.  As a result, a couple can have a different Ghost Face costume than each other.


Chucky is a very scary character. The killer in the first Child’s Play movie, Chucky was joined by another demonic doll, which was female, in the 1998 movie The Bride of Chucky. If a couple wants to choose scary adult Halloween costume, they should opt for a fancy-dress retailer which has both a Chucky and a Bride of Chucky costume. A costume could even be bought which has a knife and, as a result, no accessories must be purchased.

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