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How to Decide Which Cricket Shoes are Right for You

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Several factors need to be considered when buying cricket shoes. It is a fact that branded shoes are of excellent quality offering the required support and enhanced performance for budding cricketers. However, it is possible to buy cheap cricket shoes that offer good support and are comfortable and of great quality. The following points will help you to decide which cricket shoes are right for you.


Your Position and Kind of Play

A pair of hard-working bowling boots is advisable if you are a high-impact action bowler. This type of shoe will absorb shock better, giving you extra support to prevent injury. Some shoes are made of high tech materials providing brilliant support and shock absorption. A few are featherweight allowing you to move easily and quickly while others feature a combination of superb support, shock absorption and are lighter in weight. A batsman or an “all-rounder” should choose shoes that offer enhanced support combined with light-weight materials.

The Tread Style

 You can choose from a full or half spike, pimpled or multi-function. Spikes augment the grip levels, especially in wet and muddy conditions. Different brands and models of cricket shoes have various configurations, type, and position of tread. Multi-function cricket shoes are a good choice because you can adjust them to deal with to various situations and adapt to your own preference.

The Shape of Your Feet

Size is not the only important thing to consider when buying cricket shoes but also the shape of your feet. Are your feet wide or thin? Do you have issues with under or overpronation? Consult a cricket shoe specialist or surf the Web to get information. Some specific brands may be better if you need to take this issue into account.

The Age

This is particularly essential if you are buying cricket shoes for your child. Children’s feet, between the ages of six and twelve, generally increase in size by about 1 cm a year while those from age 12 to 17 have a 10% size increase for boys and 2% size increase for girls. Do not be dismayed with the high cost of cricket shoes – it’s possible to buy great quality cheap cricket shoes online from an online cricket shop. Some of these online outlets offer continuous clearance sales where you can really pick up a bargain without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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