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5 Spring Time Styles That Every Man Should Consider Wearing

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Spring is on its way, and that means new spring styles are almost here. The spring is about keeping things simple. With the persistence of the sun in the sky, layers are out of the picture, and a walk in the park will suffice with a light jacket. Don’t just reach back in the closet and take out last year’s spring clothes!

Get serious, and jazz up this year’s wardrobe with the latest and hottest in spring styles. The following is a list of 5 springtime styles that every man should consider wearing this year.


Choose Pastel Slacks

Spring is the season of pastels, and your slacks should be no exception. Guys who are afraid to wear pastels (or colored pants other than blue) are living in the past. If you’re still not sure if they’re in style, the top UK website for men’s jeans has a plethora of models sporting bright colored pants in colors like salmon and grass green. Choose the color you like (many other styles are available in baby blue, sea foam green, palest yellow and other colors), and pair with a neutral top like a solid colored sweater or polo tee.

Tie One On With a Bow-Tie

No guy can look classier than a guy with a bow-tie. Avoid the black and navy for springtime, and instead, go with an easy to match print like paisley or plaid in light colors. To class it up even more and impress everyone, ditch the snap on a tie, and learn how to tie a real one. There are how-tos and videos all over the internet, and it’s simple to learn.

Don’t Get Wet With a Mackintosh

Spring is the season of rain, but with a stylish rubberized coat to repel moisture, you’ll avoid walking into the office with a soaked shirt and pants. Choose a quality rain slicker in a neutral color like tan or pale grey, and keep it on hand for when the water starts to fall. Single or double-breasted button-up fronts look nice, but avoid a hood, and carry an umbrella if you’re worried about the hair. You’ll look sleek and stylish while staying dry on a Mac this spring.

Brace for Suspenders

Not every guy will dig this style, but believe it, suspenders (or braces, as they say in England) are coming back. Not only can they help hold up your paints, they’re really in fashion. Go neutral with these (think black, dark brown or navy blue) as they are already a little Avant-guard, and the pair then with a solid colored button up collar shirt and a blazer on top.

Linen and Wool Blended Blazers

Linen and wool blend is excellent for spring and summer blazers because the wool acts as a stiffener for linen (which can be too loose and is prone to wrinkles). The blend makes blazers lay nicely over a thin button up collar shirt or with a cotton V-neck in a color that pops. They’re also perfect for both formal and casual events and transition nicely from day to night.

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