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4 Summer Trends You Can Transfer to Autumn Fashion and Look Even Cooler

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If you are sorry that summer is gone, and you feel you didn’t get to wear all your beautiful clothes and make all the possible combinations, while feeling still creative and trendy, maybe you still get a chance to put yourself in the spotlight by transferring some summer trends to the cold season and look fresh and fashionable. There are still some outfits that can be worn in chic combinations and keep the summer nostalgia a little while longer.


Denim streetwear:

This summer Hollywood celebrities took out their denim and paraded in all sort of outfits. Rihanna’s multiple denim layers were quite famous in fashion magazines, but other stars too were seen pretty much in skinny jeans, wearing denim shirts and jackets or even miniskirts. So, take a step forward and make the denim a central piece of this season. Wear your skinny pair with some mid-high knit Reef boots for cold and dry days or over the knee boots in suede with your mini denim skirt, making sure you’re not too cold. Denim can be made to look casual, elegant, cool, even romantic, and adding to it the new fashion trends in clothes and footwear, you can still wear your favourite pieces in spectacular combinations.

The New 70’s:

You are surely aware that this summer meant a return to some older trends, highlighted by floral and geometrical imprints, vaporous dresses and statement jewellery. And since this fall, the trends in makeup also revived the smoky cat eyes, get inspired by fashion icons in the entertainment industry and finish your style by adding elements of black leather too long dresses or use your new cardigan in autumnal colours with some white elements still available from your summer collection. Nude shoes can become tan/champagne shoes or boots nuances too.

White Is Always in Fashion:

You’d say that white is a pretentious colour and even an inappropriate one for the cold season, especially in rainy and messy days, but you can still wear a white jacket in warmer days with some new and trendy outfits, such as the animal print or the black leather trousers. White never gets out of fashion and for the days when the weather allows it, you can combine white with denim, navy styles or military, without forgetting that also shoes and make-up are all about bronze, red wine, and brown shades.

Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy:

Women apparently love men’s fashion and you’ve seen a lot of this trend in the last years: trousers, slim jeans, shoes designed in a manly style, checker shirts, and even fedoras or beanies. This fall comes with a fresh look at women’s fashion with a soft spot for men’s fashion, so keep your trousers, jackets and stripes shirt up front, as you have new collections of women footwear of male inspiration, coats with a rather military design to them, boots, hats and gloves that will make you look even more feminine as ever, even if you seem to be wearing a boy’s outfit. Dare to make statements and accessorize your boyish look with large statement earrings and necklaces, Sophia Vergara style or the large coloured bags that were so fashionable this summer.

Some outfits never get old and don’t deserve to be forgotten until next summer. With a little imagination, you can combine “old” pieces with new ones and display an ever-fashionable look always.

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